Servants By Design
The long wait is over.

Way before I knew anything about building websites, I was introduced to something that has changed my life. An instrument used in the hands of the Almighty to teach me about who He made me and provide small glimpses into what I was put on this earth to do.

It’s called Servants by Design – a personality profiling system from Transpersonal Technologies, LLC that, like no other, predicts how we will behave under stress as well as normal conditions. This system is based on over 30 years of research and has been validated in all sectors of life.

It has been used to build NASA teams (it was the reason Chuck Yeager never got into space) as well as educational classrooms to help teachers profile their class to improve communication. It has applications in marriage, parenting and teamwork. And now, its online thanks to a great many contributors including yours truly.

What you receive after completing the inventory is a multi-page document that details out your personality in 6 distinct parts. They are represented in the shape of a house with 6 floors. The most dominant parts of your personality are at ground level while the parts that require more energy to personify are near the attic.

The interface for taking the exam was done with trying to make the experience a bit more fun than any other tool you’ve seen. You’ll use a drag-and-drop system to answer the first section and move sliders to answer the second and third sections. I felt it was time to add something new to the way people fill these things out and thanks to jQuery and some good old-fashioned persistence, it came together quite nicely.

The platform allows us to continue to develop more specific and targeted profiles based on the input data you provide. And the nice thing is that we will use your inventory data for all products, which means you’ll only have to fill it out one time.

So, whether you want some insight into yourself or you’re looking to know how your wife or kids tick or perhaps you’d like to be able to “profile” others via one of the workshops, this is one of the best ways to spend $35 that could very well change your life. It was true for me and everyone else that I know who’s taken it.