I’m joining John Saddington (john.do) in a little experiment to see what a digital bookclub might look like and what we can, collectively, gain from a journey together. He has chosen [wisely] a book by Steven Pressfield called “Turning Pro” and part of the experiment is to write as much as we read. I’ll be doing that writing here.

Day 1 consists of just the first few chapters where Steven lays out the premise of what turning pro means, why it’s important and where the need to leave our amateur status behind comes from.

I was struck, in particular, by how he stacked two primal forces against each other: fear and ambition. Fear is one of the most powerful forms of “brake” in our lives. Fear comes to us naturally as a survival mechanism for the wounds and tragedies that inevitably come our way and is responsible for obscuring our ambition and skewing the perception of ourselves.

Steven doesn’t come right out and say it, at least not yet anyway, but the journey towards becoming pro has a requisite level of maturity needed; maturity that is found through the struggle and experiences of life. I suspect that the process of turning pro will be less prescriptive and more a function of the milemarkers of our story.

For me, the journey has been helped by some tools of learning about my design and some honest and loving friends.

Fear vs. Ambition – a battle to the death!