I had a great experience this year voting. Mainly because I didn’t have to wait AT ALL and I felt prepared. There was one thing that made me pause though and those were the amendments to the State Constitution.

Issue 1 would provide that Arkansas citizens “have a right to hunt, fish, trap and harvest wildlife subject to regulations that promote wildlife conservation and management.”

Issue 2 would effect interest limits and issuance of government bonds for energy-efficiency projects.

Issue 3 would lower the threshold for issuing state bonds to attract major industries.

I voted against all three.

Issue 1 formalized a right to harvest wildlife in accordance with government regulations and when you give the power to someone to grant a right formally, you conversely give them the power to take it away. Additionally, this gave oversight into how that right could be exercised.

Issue 2 &3 had language in them that seemed give greater amount of control to the government to spend more taxpayer money to advance certain agendas that I simply don’t believe are worthy investments. Again, giving more control to the government is dangerous when you can clearly see it is intended to advance agendas.

I also gave pause when voting for Governor. I’m a Conservative and typically vote Republican, but I’ve liked the level-headed approach Beebe has taken to his role as our state’s leader; however, in the end, he is still a Democrat and with that come some fundamental differences in philosophical approach. I voted for Keet, but don’t expect him to win because of Beebe’s popularity.

One document that really helped me was the Arkansas voter guide put out by Family Council (http://www.arkansasvotersguide.com/). I had a copy ahead of time, but there was a copy at my polling place that I used to look up candidates in some of the minor races that didn’t indicate a party.

Whatever your affiliation, it is important that you exercise your civic duty to vote. As of the writing of this, there are still 4 hours left until the polls close. Remember, if you don’t vote, you forfeit your right to complain about the outcome. It is literally the only option you have to making sure your voice is heard.