For me there exists a line – a tolerance line of lunacy. Lately, the area of my life where this line is being danced upon is our government.  Rather than rant ceaselessly, I thought it would be good to list out the series of bad decisions our new President and his “troop” are making that have a direct impact on me and mine.

  • FOCA | During the campaign, O’Bama touted his support of the Freedom of Choice Act – a bill that essentially removes a state’s right to decide how to implement Rowe v. Wade and places it in the hands of any doctor’s subjective and arbitrary decision to decide if an abortion can be performed.This bill never became law because it expired at the end of the congressional session.  This was also to be a “secure statutory right (13)”, which means that it isn’t an amendment to the Constitution and therefore doesn’t require Congress or the President to vote on it in any form or fashion.The fact that he (and other Democratic members of Congress) wanted to covertly push their pro-abortion agenda speaks volumes to the lengths they will go to get their way.
  • Cabinet appointees | O’Bama’s campaign used the term “change” and he included a new strategy to “cross the aisle” to bring about said change.  Since winning the office, he has done nothing but appoint (or try to – see Daschele) the most liberal Democratic cronies he can find to the most prominent positions in the government.From that – we have seen nothing but a check writing spree for every liberal program and agenda item that has been kept in check over the past 30 years.  All disguised in the “best interest” of the economy – but I’m getting ahead of myself…The point remains that he has not engaged (or required engagement of his team) the Republican leadership in any of his plans to move this country down the road.  In fact, it has been a first 50-days characterized as one-sided politics.
  • Economic “stimulation” | We’re engaged in a war on terror in the farthest reaches of the Earth – very expensive.  The average American has between $10 – $15k of credit card debt.  We tolerated $4/gallon gasoline for months.To say the economy has taken some hits is an understatement.  In fact, I think I can agree with O’Bama on at least one thing – this has been going on for a long time before he won the office.  He wants to attribute it to George Bush because it will help him justify his lunacy to the American people, but the fact is that this kind of regulatory mismanagement has been happening for much longer.So, his solution is to draft a 1,200 page bill, couch it as a way out of the economic slump we’re in, use his influence and the Democratic majority in Congress to push it through and spend almost $800 Billion ($800,000,000,000.00) that he doesn’t have and give it to companies that haven’t been fiscally responsible because he can’t stomach the capitalistic consequences this mismanagement brings.Change – no stimulus, more debt.  In fact, the economy continued its downward trend, so he introduces another $750+ Billion package and got it passed.  Then drafted a $600+ Billion healthcare reform package and a $410 Billion government spending bill that included over 8,500 Democratic projects that had nothing to do with stimulating the economy – just another vehicle for Democrats to get what they want.So, let’s see – $800B + $750B + $600B + $410B = … carry the one…add the…wow…that’s HUGE… = $2.56T that he’s proposed and of that number, he’s spent (signed into law) almost $2T.  And the stock market continues to hover around levels it hasn’t seen in 25 years.Change:  no stimulation, more debt in the first 50 days than all other president’s first 50 days combined…by a long shot!But, I’m OK (sorta) up to this point – it’s all money and I have a somewhat easy time giving our fate in this area to God.  BUT…MY President has now gone too far…
  • Embryonic Stem Cell Research | March 9th, 2009 marked the day that OUR President lifted the ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research thus abolishing the ethical, moral and political stigma this type of research has been held in check by.  Has this type of research been taking place in the US and other countries before the President’s decision – yes.  What benefit has that research yielded – very little, none if you really net it out.On a fiscal note, this is very consistent that O’Bama would throw taxpayer money at something that has no historical precedent of success.  On a ethical note, this frees research companies from the burden of convincing the private sector for funding – they essentially get money without anyone asking the hard questions.This freedom will create an enormous amount of energy for existing and new startups to divert resources to something that has the potential for $Trillions in Parkinsons treatments/cure alone.  The “profit lust” will move the medical community right by the ethical “embryonic life” questions and will most likely increase embryonic production for research purposes.

So The Line has been crossed by a President in the first 50 days of his administration as I see America being restructured and remade according to a liberal vision.  And there are at minimum, 1410 days left – I can’t even begin to fathom what life will look like at that point.

Mr. O’Bama – if you want to stimulate the economy, repeal the Self Employment tax, capital gains tax and suspend income taxes for all Americans for one year.  You’ll see companies open up and be able to hire people, consumer debt retired, consumer confidence increase and the pressure we all feel will be released and true economic innovation can be fostered.  Plus, it will cost the government far less than the $2.56T on the docket.

So, for you – has your line been crossed?