Ditch View of the Center LineIn the recent past, if you were to ask me, “How’s it going?”, I would jokingly reply, “Well, I’m between the ditches.” Translation: Life was moving down the road and I had managed to keep from putting it in the ditch, but that was about all I could say.

The ditch was a metaphor for when much wailing and gnashing of teeth took place – either through my own or some external mess. You see, life for me had become about setting up “barriers” that would help me hug the center line – as far away from the ditch as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I still found myself in the ditch, crumpled and smoking and in need of a tow truck and a body shop. So the strategy wasn’t without it’s kinks, but it was what I knew…

Until December 2009.

My bride and I were on a rare date with dinner at Pei Wei. We ran into some friends that were also on a date that asked what we were doing afterwards. We didn’t have any plans and when we asked back, they said they were going to a Shane & Shane concert. Our eyes lit up as this is one of our favorite bands. We found out where they were playing and had a great time.

On the drive home, literally on the freeway, God asked me to forget the ditches and focus on Him. My mind immediately recognized this as how it should be and in that moment, He showed me that ditch avoidance games weren’t the answer. He made it clearer than ever that my relationship with Him is what will keep me hugging the center line.

It’s a subtle shift for me, but a profound one to be sure. On the surface it seems scary until I’m reminded of who I’m placing my trust in – He, and He alone, will make my paths straight! Besides, I’m much more excited about chasing after Him than I am in fighting my own nature as a ditch-avoidance strategy.