Every so often I am reminded of a time in my professional career that, to this day, gives me courage. I was a Systems Administrator for a technology company – responsible for the internal network and associated services (e-mail, file storage, disaster recovery, etc.). One day, a salesman approached me intent on making me feel about 2″ tall because he disagreed with how I was running the network. He had tenure. He had the right relationships with the big dogs. In essence, if he wanted to really make trouble for me, he probably could…or so I thought.

I was working for a guy named Lance McGonigal at the time. Lance is a wise man, a great leader and a friend to this day. After my run-in with Mr. Puffhead, I walked into Lance’s office with my tail between my legs and proceeded to recount the incident. He listened and responded with words that have stuck with me to this day. He said, “Steve, you work for me and you’re doing a great job. If anyone has a problem with how you do your job, you tell them to come see me and I’ll handle it.” Just writing these words, the emotion is almost overpowering.

For the first time in my life, someone really had my back. I can’t tell you how confident I felt from that day forward and how freeing it was to go to work every day knowing that I had an ally who trusted and believed in me enough to put his name on the line right next to mine. It was like I had Lance standing behind me all the time waiting to step in should things get too dicey. (Think Mr. Clean commercials)

A few years ago, God took that lesson and made it even more special. The more I’ve learned about Jesus and what He did on the Cross, the more confident I live my life. I realized that I am living my life for Him and if anyone has a problem with it, they can take it up with the Big Guy standing behind me. God has put his name right next to mine when He saved me and gave me an advocate in Jesus. This is true when I am living rightly and when I screw up royally.

How confident are you that God has your back and desires to see you win? How often will you let a Mr. Puffhead make you feel 2″ tall? Next time it happens – just remember that you have the creator of the universe standing right behind you ready to defend and speak Truth into the situation. He’s the one you are living for, not anyone else.