Below are definitions of terms, concepts or various facets of the Christian faith that I have come to understand. Comment if you like.

  • God’s Grace | Technically, grace is unmerited favor – meaning that you are looked on favorably without cause or reason. More specifically, it means there is something that would cause a rational examination of you to be met with unfavorable results. In the case with God, we were not only in a state of unfavor, we were enemies – thrown out of His presence and completely cut off from the intimate relationship of the Garden.Understanding just how incredible the gap was between God and us post-Garden is the key to understanding and appreciating the incredible gift of the Cross, which provided a way back to intimacy through Jesus’s propitiation of sin past, present and future. This understanding also provides the basis for living a life free from shame as there is no condemnation for those in Christ (Romans 8:1).