WARNING:  This post starts out a bit nerdy – hang in there and just keep reading.

About a year ago, I was challenged at work with helping to fix a broken process regarding a compliance video that every associate must watch each year.  The system in place was hard to use and failed to serve up the video half the time and therefore generated a ton of help desk tickets.  It was time for an upgrade…way over time in fact.

My solution was to convert the Windows Media video to Flash Video and serve it up in a browser.  There are a ton of benefits – reliable, fast, scalable and, best of all, it doesn’t require any special server-side software (there’s a reason Flash Video is the choice for YouTube and Vimeo).  In short – it was the perfect solution.  But it sat idle without any interest for over 12 months until just the other day.

The pain must have gotten too high because it had new energy behind it.  I was able to dust off the old work and make some new tweaks and about a day later, had developed something that my company has NEVER HAD in their 40+ years in business – a reliable, global video distribution system that tracked whether or not the user finished the video.

Needless to say, I was super excited.  Creating things that not only have value for the “customer”, but didn’t exist before I got involved is one of the most rewarding and energizing things I experience.  After I got over myself some, I was reminded about Genesis 1 where God created EVERYTHING out of nothing and I am truly in awe.  I got just a glimpse of the immense satisfaction of looking at something created and being able to say, “It is good.”

How much more does God look at His Creation and say, “It is good!”  The amount of love and pride He feels for each one of us and the world He made for us is beyond my comprehension, but I’m more appreciative of it today and hope I don’t soon forget how special He thinks I am.

My prayer is that you don’t forget how special you are to your Creator – He has known you beyond time and can’t be more excited about the potential inside of you.