My bagI was introduced to a new sport in college. I can still remember a group of buddies stopping by my room and telling me to grab a frisbee and come with them. So I grabbed one and headed out the door not knowing what this was all about.

I soon found out that we were playing something called frisbee golf. The rules were pretty simple: from a common throwing spot, try to hit a predetermined object in as few throws as possible. We all used roughly the same type of frisbee even though this wasn’t a requirement, it just made it more fair.

I’d been throwing a frisbee since I was very young, so this was something I picked up quickly and got pretty good. We established a course around campus and could be found playing several times a week.

One day, I saw some guys playing with a different type of frisbee – they were smaller in diameter and much heavier. When asked, they explained they were golf “discs” and that there was a “real” sport out there that included actual targets in the form of baskets. We didn’t have any courses nearby (closest one was in Little Rock, AR) so we still used our frisbees and shot at trash cans and buildings.

After college, I moved to Fayetteville and found a small course in a local park. The layout of the holes was confusing, but it was an actual disc golf course and my brother and I played it every day. We each bought one disc that we used for every shot. Mine was a Shark and his was a Cobra – both made by Innova Discs. Over the next several months we redesigned the course and installed more baskets and made the course a real winner.

We also started carrying around more discs and traveling around to other cities to play in tournaments and expand our knowledge of the game. We played doubles at times and began placing in some of the tournaments. It was a great time and today, I’m back after a 10+ year hiatus. I’m not sure what made me shelf my discs, but I’m back and got the bug bad.

I’m amazed at how the game has evolved. From the disc technology to the coverage online – I can hardly contain myself. I’ve found several new courses around the city and have dedicated an afternoon per week to play. I even just purchased a portable basket so I can practice at home!

For more information on disc golf, check out some of these links:

If you have questions or want to grab a round (Central AR) – let me know. It’s a great sport – free, fun, & outdoors.