Jesus came to model for us how we are to respond to another’s sin. If we apply human attributes to Jesus, one might argue that He shouldn’t have ever come to die for us. He would have been perfectly justified responding with anger, judgment, hostility and wrath. And while there was a price to pay for sin (separation from God), He never left us to suffer for eternity for what was justifiably an eternal offense.In spite of this justification – He came. And not only came, but suffered and died a heinous death to atone for something He didn’t do – we did. What does this say to us about how we SHOULD respond to another’s sin?

Humility | It is only by His Grace that we’re not in the same shoes
Sadness | A choice against God’s has been made and that leads to pain
Grief | There’s a part of God’s family that is hurting and something lost
Love | If we can’t love one another in the hard times, we have not love at all
Grace | We’ve required it and need to be quick to give it
Mercy | We all need pardoning because we are all guilty


Hopeful expectation | The valleys He takes us through are the places where we are shaped to be more like Christ and we should expect God to show up and start His miracle work in the deep dark places where we are forced to come to the end of ourselves.

What is your default response to another’s sin? How does your response help restore your brother?