Yes – I got to go to the Final Four. For protection purposes, I’ll leave out the “how” I got to go question unanswered – anyway, the point is that I got to go! The trip was very fun and it started with dinner in Austin followed by checking out a hot rod “show” just down the street from the restaurant.

Short Bus

This “short bus” was exceptionally restored. There were a ton of chopped hot rods, perfectly restored Caddies and Chevys and my favorite – Corvettes.

Back on the road – we headed to San Antonio for a relaxed arrival time at the Dome around 11:30. Here’s where it gets cool – walking in through the back door, we stroll right by the 6 production trailers INSIDE…on the south half of the floor.

Heading upstairs, we drop our gear in a secure room on the third floor before grabbing a jumbo dog and some nachos downstairs. The people start filing in and soon you can hear the cheers throughout the building. We take a stroll through the decks amazed at the sheer number of people and the complete lack of an empty seat.

The atmosphere is electric – fans for all four teams are in the stands grouped in clusters of differing shades of blue…from the baby blue of NC/UCLA to the royal blue of Kansas/Memphis (when was the last time the semifinals consisted of schools who all wore blue?).

We stop occasionally on the club level (where all the boxes are) to snap a few shots.

Club Level
Club Level
Club Level

We finally find a seat at the extreme edge of visibility to watch the first game. Another interesting thing about the cheap seats is that fans were interspersed and no matter who did what on the floor – someone right around us cheered along with a larger percentage of the other 45K fans.

The second game came and went with a very similar experience and afterwards, it was off for some snacks before hitting the sack. Sunday was spent leisurely checking out the area, hitting the outlets (Underarmor, Nike & Sony) and ending the day with a nice big steak dinner at Saltgrass and the movie Jumper.

Monday started early with a trip to Kerrville for a service call at the new hospital. After getting it all squared away – back to San Antonio and a stop at the Bass Pro Shop before a great Mexican lunch at a highly recommended restaurant. We then grab the gear and head to the Dome for the finals.


What a game – I was sure Kansas was going to win by a long shot based on the way they handed NC their heads two nights before. Memphis proved to be up to the task by not only keeping up with Kansas, they had the thing won…until…the stripe came back and bit them square in the butt. Kansas never gave up and the fans stayed to the end.

As did we – what a finish! All in all – a great trip to an event that I hope to visit many times in the future…because it was flippin’ sweet! For larger images of my trip – go HERE.