Recently, I had to get my 4S replaced under warranty. In going through the process of getting everything set back up, I realized I didn’t have my customized lock screen image readily handy, so I chose one of the stock wallpapers and moved on.

Each time I would unlock my phone, I was faced with a plain screen that didn’t display the information I wanted. You see, I read an article a couple of years ago about making your In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact information available to emergency responders should the need arise.

Since I get my corporate e-mail on my phone, I have to have a lock code, which puts my address entry for ICE behind a password. My old lock screen had that information as part of the image, which is what was missing.

The other night, I had some free time and decided it was time to recreate the lock screen with an updated look.

iPhone-LockScreenIt incorporates my new logo styling as well as a stylish and clear presentation of the ICE information.

Now anyone who picks up my phone would know who to call should I need help and can’t get it myself.

If you would like some help getting your ICE Lock Screen designed, let me know.