Recently, I got the chance to be at home with my son while my wife went for an out-of-town overnight visit with a friend.  This isn’t the first time she’s left me with the boy; however, it has been a some time since and things have definitely changed as he’s gotten older.  Now, at 2 1/2, he’s a much more interactive little guy – running, riding, throwing, jumping, singing, dancing, asking…

For the most part, he’s much more fun to be around because he can do so many more things, and yet at the same time, he’s no longer content to play with blocks on the living room floor for hours while I watch TV.  So, my weekend was filled with activities intended to 1) keep the peace, 2) grow our relationship, 3) survive until mommy came back home.

That takes a lot of planning and consideration!  You have to not only think about the next move, you have to think several in advance too.  If you’re caught not knowing what’s next, you have no answer for the question, “Where going daddy?”

My wife is a master at this – I’m constantly amazed at the stories of the day when I arrive home after work.  The varied and strategically planned day is nothing short of a masterpiece – day after day.  Not only does she build her relationship with her son, she invests and maintains relationships with a myriad of other women, some moms…some not.

The consequence of this loving attention and planning is a very well-adjusted little boy who is happy, learning, polite and a true joy to be around as well as a new appreciation of my wife as she lives out her God-given role as mom.

I’ve always maintained that good kids aren’t born they’re made and the evidence continues to mount in support of this position.