Yes, it’s true, I have a love affair with the big paper clip that goes back a very long time. First, paper clips are incredible devices and the history is quite interesting (if you are a geerd mostly geek with a sprinkle of nerd – like me). For me, there is no better source of high-quality wire on the planet and wire is the core ingredient of some of the most useful custom tools in my world.

From time to time, I’ll post info on how the mighty paper clip is enhancing my life and this blog will serve as a place of homage to the grossly under-appreciated paper clip – especially the big ones. Here’s the most recent save that can be attributed to the awesome Biggie, as I like to call it.

Sunglasses temple structural reinforcement
The temple on my sunglasses failed recently. The metal part inserts into a plastic piece that goes over my ear. The glue that held the plastic piece on the metal frame failed and the two pieces came apart.

I tried Super Glue – didn’t work because of the finish on the metal and because it didn’t, the plastic piece became stressed and the socket finally broke wide open making the glasses completely useless.

Next came Gorilla tape – the stuff is amazing and puts Duct Tape to shame and I though, “Surely this will hold.” And it did, but it still allowed the plastic piece to twist around the metal as the tape didn’t provide enough rigidity to hold it firmly in place. It wasn’t coming off, but it moved around too much.

Enter the large paper clip. With a pair of needle-nose pliers, I was able to create what is best described as a “splint/tie rod” to not only keep the plastic piece and the metal piece joined properly, but keep the plastic piece from twisting.

I’ve got to say, I’m completely impressed with the solution. Not because I doubted the paper clip, but because I doubted my skill to employ the mighty tool in such a way as to achieve such an elegant solution. Judge for yourself.