Taking care of babies is a young man’s sport and I’ve never felt older.  I’m not sure what changes I thought this baby would bring to our home life, but exhaustian, frustration and selfishness weren’t anywhere on the list.  Don’t hear me wrong, Graceanna has brought a bunch of other things too – good things like life, newness, joy and gratefulness just to name a few, but caring for a newborn is hard.

Because we adopt our children, we get to “share” the effort of feedings throughout the night.  We’ve tried several permutations of how this works – from one night on and next night off to “you take first shift and I’ll take next”…alternating style, which is what we’re using today.  The good news is that the baby is healthy and eating well, which lessens the craziness that could be.

Another challenge I didn’t fully know to anticipate is moving from a zone to man coverage.  Our older child is a great young boy, but boy nevertheless.  He loves his cars and riding bikes and running, climbing and jumping.  Sitting still and playing quietly in the corner aren’t part of his nature, which I’m glad for on the one hand because I like boys to act like boys – it gets a bit much to handle when you are at the very end of your capacity to string two sentences together, much less engage a 3-yr old in the way he needs.

But, by God’s grace and our own self-preservation instincts, we’ll make it through.  Brighter days are ahead – at least they better be.  For now, we’re in survival mode and survive we will.