It has gone on long enough and like Popeye, “I’s can’ts takes it no more!” So, here we are in the midst of the most dire economic downturn since the Great Depression (or so “they” say) and our government deems it necessary to give OUR money to various companies because they can’t make ends meet – affectionately called a “bailout.”

First – what a HORRIBLE idea! Why can’t these organizations suffer the consequences of their poor decisions? That one we’ll save for another early morning rant…

Second, they give this money WITHOUT RESTRICTION on what it can be used for. Take AIG for example. They were under contract with their employees to pay bonuses, so when they got the money from O’Bama’s boys, they did what they were bound BY LAW to do and they paid those bonuses. Most of us hear the term “bonus” and think of a $25 gift card to the local grocery store at Christmas – something extra that we weren’t expecting for a job well done. A way for all to feel the fruit of their labor.

That isn’t what goes on in big business. Most sales guys and upper level executives have small salaries compared to the amount of the responsibility they carry. They carry that responsibility because they are financially incented with bonuses to perform – whether it be a lucrative deal or innovation that saves the company money or hitting 125% of a sales quota. The point is that they go above and beyond what it takes to “get by” because the rules state that you will reap a reward when you do. The company is trying to set up a “win/win” for everyone involved – and it WORKS…been working for decades!

So, we have O’Bama vilifying AIG (US government owns 80% now) CEO (government-appointed BTW) for paying these bonuses with bailout money and spending more tax money for his thugs to investigate. All the while being OK with $5B – $7B of earmarks (our money) in the latest spending bill for Democratic pet projects. One is $500K to help Marquette figure out a way to turn human waste into energy – aptly named “Poop to Power”.

When do we get to say, “I’m outraged that you are taking my tax money and wasting it on meaningless pet projects under the guise that it will stimulate the economy.” Frankly – this is the kind of stuff I’d expect from my three year old trying to justify not sharing his Hot Wheels…not my government, except that I do from such a liberal world view…

This has to stop NOW!