The other day my nephews were rough-housing on the trampoline and went crashing into the safety net that surrounds it. Unfortunately for one of them, several of the straps that hold the net to the poles broke and he went head-first onto the ground. Luckily, he wasn’t hurt, but it did leave the net in shambles.

Design failure

In typical fashion, my problem-solving brain starting thinking up a solution. I’ve retied a couple of the other straps that had broken, but this was a much bigger problem that had to be overcome in spite of the strap system that came with the trampoline.

I turned to, where else, the big-box hardware store. I wanted to use these bungie straps that are essentially an elastic loop that end in a plastic ball (picture below). I love these things and use them regularly to secure items in the back of the truck. These were going to replace the stretchy straps, but I stll needed a way to connect them to the net.

For that, I first wanted to use carabiners, but they are expensive. Right next to those I found the quicklink. A oval shaped metal ring with an opening that can be closed via a locking twist sleeve. These came 3 to a pack and were much more cost effective.

Tools needed

Now it comes down to putting it all together. It started with the quicklinks. I wrapped them around the heavy-duty anchor points where the original straps were attached – being sure to leave the gap open and on the inside. I did this all the way around the net.


Then, I attached the bungie cords to the poles by looping the balled end through the loop and then through the gap in the quicklink and then back up to the pole – putting the balled end through one of the securing loops and finally pulling everything tight.

BungiesConnection Made

Then it’s just a matter of walking around the trampoline and repeating the process until the net is back in business.

All done