Lately I’ve been seeing relationships suffer needlessly because of fear. I have an entire “sermon” on fear ready if you want to hear it, but I’ll save it for when you ask for it. In a nutshell, fear is not good (small nut – I know). Fear paralyzes and disables; causes second guesses when your gut is telling your loud and clear; robs us of confidence and makes us forget of former victories. Fear is not good.

In a sermon at my church ( several years ago, Robert Lewis said something that I’ll never forget:

“The antidote of fear is faith.”

I think the reason it stuck with me all these years is:

  1. I’m prone to be susceptible to fear – my personality is just wired that way
  2. The antidote didn’t seem (at first) to fit – I wasn’t expecting him to say “faith”

So, what is faith? defines it as, “belief that is not based on proof.” But I’m not so sure about that. You see, I think faith isn’t always blind – in fact, I think it is based on experience more times than not. Religious or not, we all have faith and experience it every day.

Take traffic for example. You have faith that the guy coming at you on the other side of the yellow line is going to stay in his lane. You don’t know it and yet he hardly gets more than a glance and produces no adrenaline as he whizzes by. Now think back to when you just started driving – that exchange just about made you nuts each and every time for the first few months. However, over time and with every successful encounter, your faith is grown and fear diminished.

You see – faith puts the results in someone else’s hands and we no longer need to be afraid. The goal is trust – can we trust the object of our faith to care for the situation that we are worrying about? If you’re talking about God, the answer is an emphatic “YES” as He is completely in control and loves you immeasurably – a combination that abates all fear. The question is do you trust him enough to put your fear in His hands.

All too often, we forget the wonderful – almost miraculous – events where our faith overcame our fears; where we felt silly worrying so much when all we needed was a little faith. So, let us not forget our faith and what has happened in our time on the planet to build it up – write it down, tell a friend or ponder it deeply for fear is just around the corner waiting to get you.