I love Fridays – the traffic to work seems lighter, the hours in the day move quicker and the anticipation of uninterrupted time with my family is looming large out the front viewport. Today; however, I ‘m reminded of what was happening to Jesus in His day and this Friday takes on a much more sober tone.

The following video sums up what is going through my mind and heart this morning:

What are you feelings today as you remember what the only Son of God was going through on this Good (“Holy”) Friday?

One thing that should be in your heart and mind is that Jesus was motivated to willingly put Himself in harms way by LOVE. He passionately desired to ensure that all of mankind could be reconciled to our Father God for eternity through His death.

His death on Friday paid the price for our independence from God and His resurrection on Sunday ensured that God’s power was made complete in overcoming death itself. We can be assured that we are both forgiven and that there’s more to life than simply time on the planet. Eternity awaits – will you experience it with God by accepting Jesus’ gift of the Cross? I hope so.

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