I’ve enjoyed following Pete Wilson’s blog (withoutwax.tv) over the past several months, so when I had the opportunity to review his new book prior to its release, I jumped at the chance. In “Plan B”, Pete attempts to add some understanding to the valley (a favorite topic of mine) – the hard places where life doesn’t go as planned and we are forced to consider plan B.

I found Pete’s style and use of authentic examples from his life refreshing and helped to give the concepts much needed context. “Plan B” is a book everyone will be able to relate to since we all have experienced disappointment in life to varying degrees.

If you are tired of asking the question, “Why?” and not getting an answer, perhaps its time to gain a fresh perspective on life’s unexpected turns through Pete’s book. You can pick it up wherever Christian books are sold.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishing and Booksneeze.com for allowing 500 copies of the book to be reviewed at no charge, which is how I got my copy.