To say that I feel overwhelmed by the love I feel from friends and family, when I get a chance to sit and think about it is a huge understatement. And I’m especially reminded about it on my birthday. From the many Facebook wishes (thanks FB for making it easy) to the thoughtful gifts to the smile on my kids faces as they wish me Happy Birthday. So, thank you all for thinking of me on my birthday – I hope a smile crossed your face as you did so. At the same time, I can get pretty lonely. Owning a business where you are the only employee is quite a shift from being part of team or company that has thousands of people. That can get pretty weird on a day like a birthday – a push and a pull that left me working hard to stay present. Birthdays, like other “anniversaries” seem to be a time where I do a lot of reflecting – a natural time to stop and take stock and evaluate what’s working; what’s not and what’s stuck. This year, I feel like there’s a lot of each. Needless to say that I’m trying to sort it all out as I have time and opportunity. I’m pretty busy working the opportunities God has placed in front of me – day and night – so time is at a premium these days. I’m thankful for a wise wife that helps me get out of the ditches I find myself in from time to time. Her love and support make me go. To close, I hope you have as special of a birthday as I had this year. Thank you for your love – it means the world to me.