Greatest Joy in a Man's LifeTo be a father is the most challenging aspect of life – if done right.  The weight of the responsibility is crushing, overwhelming and incomprehensible should you dwell on it for any length of time.  As for adoptive dads – we asked for it, begged for it, spent a small fortune just for the chance.  So it is with a grateful heart that we accept all that comes with being a dad and on this Father’s Day, let us remember those men that long to give their life away to a child, but simply haven’t been given the “nod.”

For those that get a daily reminder of the dream that has yet to be fulfilled; who are struggling to lead their wives and explain to their friends and family the heartache they feel; who are not giving up and are willing to fight to their last breath for what they KNOW deep down is meant to be – we say hang in there and keep putting one foot in front of the other because it is SO worth it!

Fatherhood:  where the holes and voids inside are filled to overflowing and the dreams are fulfilled beyond imagination – a true resting of the spirit that has been in turmoil for so long.  But let us not rest just because the Wait is over – if anything, we must find new energy to lead, love and serve or families like never before.  We are reminded internally of the valley when we want to complain about dirty diapers because there was a time when we would have given anything for the smell of a dirty diaper to fill that pristinely prepared baby room.

We still dream big, protech proactively, instruct lovingly, encourage boldly, lead courageously and hug incessently.  Our love is fueled by the sacrifices made along the way and nothing will prevent us from giving our all to take advantage of each and every minute.  We stand strong against the gates of hell and the forces that want to steal the joy of fatherhood – too much has been overcome to give in and settle for ordinary.  Passion and zeal are the expressions of the blessing; strength and courage the weapons of choice; and the knowledge of potential greatness is the fuel that will keep us fighting.

We are leaders, mentors, servants, guides and meant to be the solid rock in the lives of our family.  At times, we fail and sputter and even need help getting back up, but we DO get up with renewed determination – asking to be kept in the game because we know our absence is of far greater detriment than anything we do wrong while present.

Fatherhood is a calling and not to be taken lightly.  May we not allow the pull of passivity to be the response when the job gets hard.  It is time for a new generation of fathers to own the future – real men taking responsibility and fighting for their family’s lives.  Success is defined as long-term steadiness and is achieved in the midst of others.

Please take time to encourge (give courage) a father you know – especially those adoptive dads.  Their intentional journey into the valley is nothing short of astounding!  Do you have a dad you want to brag on?