My wife asked me if what the name of my blog meant. I said that if you make 3 lefts, you end up going the same way as if you had made one right and I drew it in the air with my index finger.

She cocked her head and gave me a, “I know that” look and then said, but what does it mean?

I said that there are times when the long way around is required; even desired; at times the only way around.

Job. Kids. Life. They all require constant attention to the road ahead; to the journey rather than the destination.

In this time of job transition, I’ve been forced to pay attention to where I am; what I’m doing right now and make the best choice forward. At times, that’s e-mailing friends. Other times, it’s taking a nap to keep from getting over-tired.

No matter what I’m doing though, I have a feeling like no other time in my life of adventure…like I can’t wait to see what’s around the next bend while at the same time enjoying the scenery out the passenger side window.

Don’t fear making a wrong turn – embrace it as you have no idea where it will lead.