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Disc Golf Basics

As disc golf is a sport, there are competitions that legitimize it as such. A tournament allows each of us the opportunity to see just how our game stacks up against others of similar skill levels.

As a beginner, I played in several tournaments and didn’t give much thought to preparation. I was young and just showed up and threw. Now, staring 40 in the mouth, I’m taking some additional time to prepare for my first tournament in over 15 years.


Disc Golf BasicsThe game of disc golf is said to be the fastest growing sport in the world today. There are some very obvious reasons why. It’s free (apart from a few bucks for a disc or two). It’s outdoors. It’s pretty easy on the body (can play it for years and years). It’s social meaning that it’s intended to be played with friends. It’s everywhere…meaning it’s a true international sport.

Side Note: Here’s a quick demographic put together by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) that shows just how much the sport has grown from 2009 – 2011 outside the US.

Probably the most exciting aspect of disc golf and the reason I believe it is attracting so many new players is that it is a relatively easy sport to learn, but difficult to master. The allure of a better round seems to always bring you back.


Disc Golf Basics: Discs

Steve —  6.21.2012 — 1 Comment

So, you’ve decided to give disc golf a shot, but you’re not sure where to start. Keep reading and let’s see if we can change that.

Obviously, the first place to start is discs since you can’t play disc golf without discs. If you happen to catch any video of disc golf or know someone who has been playing a while, you’ll notice something very quickly – they all carry a bag full of discs. The natural question is, “Why would they need so many?” or “Do I need to go get twenty discs for my first round?”

Let’s tackle that second question and in the process, we’ll probably answer the first.


My bagI was introduced to a new sport in college. I can still remember a group of buddies stopping by my room and telling me to grab a frisbee and come with them. So I grabbed one and headed out the door not knowing what this was all about.

I soon found out that we were playing something called frisbee golf. The rules were pretty simple: from a common throwing spot, try to hit a predetermined object in as few throws as possible. We all used roughly the same type of frisbee even though this wasn’t a requirement, it just made it more fair.