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The other day my nephews were rough-housing on the trampoline and went crashing into the safety net that surrounds it. Unfortunately for one of them, several of the straps that hold the net to the poles broke and he went head-first onto the ground. Luckily, he wasn’t hurt, but it did leave the net in shambles.


Once again, the mighty paper clip has come to the rescue – this time for a hobbled alien robot motorcycle. As I was putting this poor fella back together from his horribly dismembered state, I realized that one of the pieces was held into place by a metal pin. Not seeing the pin, I assumed the worst – it had been lost in battle.

I was just about to resign myself to notify his next of kin regarding his lifelong limp when I remembered my friend Clippy. Maybe he could help this poor chap out. I ran to the super secret Clippy cave (drawer in the office) and sought an audience with the mighty paper clip superhero.

He graciously granted me time where I pleaded for the injured sentient two-wheeler. After a few moments of dramatic pause, Sir Clippy agreed to help and the rest is history.


The post-op procedures involved some wire cutters and a piece of tape to hold the repair in place – a small price to pay for full mobility.