I wanted to provide a deeper dive into what I’ve been learning over the past decade or so. For a resume and social media – head over HERE.

As a natural problem-solver, my exposure to and understanding of technology and the Internet have provided the context to add value to almost any related topic on multiple levels. The chart below outlines the various categories of expertise and an associated level of experience. These levels range from the following:

  • Experienced | Have a working knowledge based on personal experience
  • Intimate | Can speak in detailed terms on the topic
  • Mastery | Am considered a valuable and sought after resource on the topic
Category Experience Notes
1 User Interface/User Experience Design Mastery Have extensive experience in graphic design and creating online user experiences through user profiling and intuitive design
2 eBusiness Consulting Intimate Can extend off-line business goals into strategic online business plans that include technology, marketing, execution, cost estimation, etc.
3 administration/customization Intimate 2+ years’ experience in designing custom applications and implementing customizations to meet specific business requirements (combine with 1, 2)
4 Website Design Mastery Can create custom websites or use tools like WordPress (combine with 1, 2)
5 HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX/JSON, mobile/responsive design Intimate These skills are in constant growth as these topics are in a constant state of change. Out of these, mobile-ready/mobile-first design is the most pressing.
6 Computer Hardware/Software Support Mastery Have serviced large networks and built custom computers. Am routinely asked to assist in purchasing decisions
7 Network Engineer Intimate Can design and build data networks. Notably, this skill is a bit outdated.
8 Training & Development Intimate Have designed custom online training as well as helped to implement Learning Management Systems (LMS) for corporate use. Am a skilled teacher on a myriad of topics (combine with 1-6).

If you see something that fits a need you currently have, I’d love to talk. steve[at]manattweb[dot]com