Skills Deep Dive

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I wanted to provide a deeper dive into what I’ve been learning over the past decade or so. For a resume and social media – head over HERE.

As a natural problem-solver, my exposure to and understanding of technology and the Internet have provided the context to add value to almost any related topic on multiple levels. The chart below outlines the various categories of expertise and an associated level of experience. These levels range from the following:


The Next Step

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Contact Info

I’m on the hunt for a new adventure…the next step if you will.

I wanted to create a way to share my resume and a bit about me (take a look around this blog) that’s easily shared and provide a way to invite conversation about any open opportunities. Thanks for your consideration.

I am a:

  • Website Designer – specializing in UI/UX (front-end), branding
  • Website Developer – JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX/JSON, SQL Server
  • eBusiness Consultant – 12+ years experience helping businesses succeed online
  • Consultant – 3+ years gaining a broad understanding of platform capabilities including mobile and custom app (VisualForce) development
  • Natural Problem Solver – an innate skill and ability to develop solutions to business problems

If you need help with your website or with Salesforce – let’s talk.

Steve Manatt Resume

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To this point in the book, the amateur has been taking a beating. He (or she) is responsible for the world’s misery and lackluster realization of potential.

(A little strong? Perhaps.)

Nonetheless, there have been some pretty strong language leveled against the amateur and rightly so. If the professional is to emerge, we must see his nemesis for what he truly is and then apply that image to ourselves.


Turning Pro – Day 5

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Fear…ah fear. I’ve done quite a bit of thinking about fear over the past few years. I myself am not a fearful person. I tend to take things as the come.


Turning Pro – Day 4

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Habitual addictions are described by Mr. Pressfield as the mechanisms that give excuse to our amateur status. They allow us to make sense of our meandering as to not succumb to the pain of our shadow lives.

He mentions five | failure, sex, distraction, money and trouble. I’ve used them all to some degree or another at one time or another.


The addict.

Culturally, there is so much disdain for addiction; for the addict, which has always fascinated me because the human race are all addicts in some form or another. We need look nowhere else but in the mirror to explore the mind and heart of the addict; however, the reflection of that examination is too raw and harsh and we instinctively look away.