It’s the little things in life

Steve —  11.3.2009 — Leave a comment

I’ve been thinking lately that my tendency to overlook the little things in life is being overcome by being a dad. More and more I treasure just a few words that pour out of my son’s mouth or the grin from my baby girl when I come home from work. Those things are changing me. I’m taking notice and allowing these small glimpses into the innocence to change my sensitivity to each and every moment.

It is said that the journey is much more important than the destination and I’m more and more inclined to agree the longer I am a dad. It is also changing, by the way, the way I notice my wife. She is an amazing mom and she experiences hundreds of little things each and every day and it is more and more easy for me to realize and appreciate how she expresses herself to our kids. I love her so much!

Finally, I’ve realized something about myself. I am more than I know and realize. God hasn’t fully expressed Himself in me yet. Want to know how I know? I’m still alive. A lifetime is the summation of each decision, each experience, each breath and in all of it is God…bringing out His design for me. I just had a birthday and I wouldn’t go back for all the tea in China because wisdom is priceless. I pray I never forget who made me and how much He loves me and desires to seek Him in the little things…

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