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To effectively position a new marketing message (or any message for that matter), we must adopt a new communication strategy – one that meets the immediate need to launch the concept and the long-term goal of acceptance and compliance. It must be:

  • Properly targeted and strategically sound
  • Based on an idea that resonates with key audiences
  • Reinforced in every corner of the enterprise through all channels

Regardless of the message, you must understand the audience, their natural concerns and questions as well as how they will receive the message given other workplace factors.

    The payoff for the increased preparation and effort is greater adoption of the message combined with a higher degree of consistency across the enterprise. For certain messages, this can translate into higher levels of engagement and effectiveness of the Acxiom workforce.

    Sustained Communication requires new tools and new channels to ensure important messages have the best chance of being heard and subsequently adopted. These tools include, but aren’t limited to:

    • Interactive website where articles can be discussed (blog-style)
    • Video – capture event footage, provide live-streaming of roll-out events
    • Podcasts – leadership, business strategy, LOB, Market, etc.
    • Microblogging and Social Media

    The price is content – to keep today’s workforce engaged, there must be a sustained flow of new information through channels that lower the barriers to consume, invite conversation and raise the levels of emotional connection. Above all, it needs to be simple to the consumer, which translates to a great deal of work in strategic planning and implementation.

    RISK (of not changing)
    The risk of attempting to use the current communication template (e-mail and PPT decks) is a low adoption rate due to behavioral ambivalence. This template is both one-way and utilizes overused channels, which have ample evidence of their ineffectiveness.

    Shake things up and stay plugged in to the trends of how people are seeking information. It isn’t just about what you want to say – you have to factor in what they want to hear because choice makes it easy to turn you off.

    I saw an ad the other day promoting a video series that touted to be THE way to bring the Christian church back to what God intended. It was a beautiful video – very emotionally engaging and fired me up…until I saw the “Purchase” button at the end.

    I’m a staunch capitalist and believe that the fundamental basis for prosperity in America relies on producers to create goods and services that people want to buy. Included in that is a protector from monopolies because competition keeps commerce honest. BUT – that’s business, not church.

    If the video’s claim is true, why not ensure every Christian in the world gets it? Why charge $12? Is that what it’s worth? The claim makes it sound so much more – even to the point of absurdity.

    My point is this – all too often it seems like Christians are hocking the secrets of the universe and reminds me of the merchants at the temple that got Jesus all fired up. Does it cost money to produce videos and publish books – yep. Do we have to follow the same rules the world has to make sure those costs are covered – absolutely not.

    If this video or that book can change the world – get it funded through donations and then give it away. Let the impact of the message determine it’s viability to get funding. One thing is for sure – there will be a lot less clutter on our church bookstores…heck – there won’t even be a bookstore because everything in it is free.

    Let’s not take the maturity of God and sell it for trinkets – let’s make sure that life-changing message is heard.

    Who’s with me???

    Stickiness is defined as something that stays with you and can be recalled from memory at a moments notice – sometimes in the most random times. Some of the best ones come from TV commercials. This morning I heard one that I hadn’t heard in a long time: “Calgon, take me away…”

    What are some that you can remember?