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In my youth, I grew up near a fantastic lake and many a summer day was spent out on the water. Our family either owned or had access to a pontoon boat (called a party barge here in the South). It was our transportation to remote islands where we would camp out for a week; our ski-boat (very effective – no planing required); our swimming platform and our bass boat.

Fishing was the only form of “hunting” I was exposed to growing up. I learned how to fish for bass, brim, crappie – top-water, crank baits, spinner baits, plastic worms, live bait…you name it, we did it.

We also fished for catfish. One of the most effective methods of catching catfish is to use a trotline. We would find a “fishy” spot – not too deep, but deep enough to be below the thermocline where catfish liked to lounge.


Skills Deep Dive

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I wanted to provide a deeper dive into what I’ve been learning over the past decade or so. For a resume and social media – head over HERE.

As a natural problem-solver, my exposure to and understanding of technology and the Internet have provided the context to add value to almost any related topic on multiple levels. The chart below outlines the various categories of expertise and an associated level of experience. These levels range from the following:


The Next Step

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Contact Info

I’m on the hunt for a new adventure…the next step if you will.

I wanted to create a way to share my resume and a bit about me (take a look around this blog) that’s easily shared and provide a way to invite conversation about any open opportunities. Thanks for your consideration.

I am a:

  • Website Designer – specializing in UI/UX (front-end), branding
  • Website Developer – JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX/JSON, SQL Server
  • eBusiness Consultant – 12+ years experience helping businesses succeed online
  • Consultant – 3+ years gaining a broad understanding of platform capabilities including mobile and custom app (VisualForce) development
  • Natural Problem Solver – an innate skill and ability to develop solutions to business problems

If you need help with your website or with Salesforce – let’s talk.

Steve Manatt Resume

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Growing up, we had access to a lake where we did a great deal of fishing. In the summer months, we would spend weeks camping and one of the daily activities was to check the trotlines in the hopes a huge Blue Catfish was waiting for us that would make for a tasty dinner.

The problem is, you never know what you have until you work your way along the line. So, you start at one end and, hand over hand, work your way down the line. Every pull along the line, you’re looking and feeling for movement – any indication of what’s taken the bait.

On several occasions, we pulled up on a huge snapping turtle and they were pissed. An angry snapping turtle is quite dangerous and the best method for dealing with an angry turtle is to cut the line and let him be on his merry way.


I’m a student and a problem solver. At times, these two qualities work together without me really knowing it. One example has to do with an understanding about Social Media and its effects on relationships and the depth of relationships at the workplace.

As someone who is engaged with social media on a daily basis, I’ve been taking stock of how those tools have been effecting my relationships with people – specifically two groups: