Birthday 2016

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To say that I feel overwhelmed by the love I feel from friends and family, when I get a chance to sit and think about it is a huge understatement. And I’m especially reminded about it on my birthday. From the many Facebook wishes (thanks FB for making it easy) to read more

The other day my nephews were rough-housing on the trampoline and went crashing into the safety net that surrounds it. Unfortunately for one of them, several of the straps that hold the net to the poles broke and he went head-first onto the ground. Luckily, he wasn’t hurt, but it did leave the net in shambles.

dadEvery year on Father’s Day, there’s a mixed bag of emotions running through me. On the one hand, I am the dad to three amazing kids – a role I have longed for since I was their age. One I also take very seriously, which speaks to the other hand.

My dad died when I was six, but even if that hadn’t happened, my parents were separated heading for divorce. So, the hole his death left was inevitable – albeit absolute. My step-dad came into my life a bit later, but he went to work one day just before my eighth grade year and didn’t come home. And from there, I have been without a man in m life that is required to love me.

I am creating a father’s legacy…literally from scratch.

God has blessed me with incredible men that have taught me very important lessons on how to be a man and provided countless Godly examples of how to be a father, but as I reflect today…there’s still something missing.

If I had a third hand, it would be pointing to my Heavenly Father. He has not filled in the gap, but rather added another dimension or character to the person of father in my life.

We learn when we grieve and grow when we must work around those holes in our lives. The people around us need us to succeed, which is why I write about this stuff. It helps to put into words what is in my head and heart at times.

Father’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate dads everywhere…just know that there are people out there that hide on this day because the pain is too great.

Remember to pray for His peace to invade their hearts.
Remember to be sensitive to those you know are hurting.
Remember to hug them; look them in the eye; and tell them how much they mean to you.

Love. That’s it…just love.

Today was one of the best Father’s Day ever for me as a dad, but still hard as a son -> loved as a dad; lonely as a son.

I have developed a way of preparing for a tournament on a course that I’ve never played. I’m calling it Getting a Grip: First Look. Essentially, I record the discs I throw off the tee that seem to work best in the hopes that I can reproduce similar results when it counts.

This video is of my first round at Old Post in Russellville, AR recorded a week before the 2nd Annual Arkansas Amateur Championships. Let me know what you think.


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The long, open road.
Big sky. Nature around me.

Life experienced is largely a matter of perspective. How we choose to interpret what’s going on around us matters – a lot.

When one sees wilderness, another sees adventure. It’s a choice, but one that’s not necessarily easy to make.

Our past hurts and struggles smudge our glasses as we strain to make sense of what’s in front of us. Our pace slows and each step becomes more cautious.

As we search reach for anything that can clear our vision, a hand grasps hold and squeezes with gentle pressure; reassuring pressure; familiar pressure.

Warm. Tender. Strong…

A calmness returns. Stillness – the appropriate response. A smile returns as you feel the gentle tug. Jesus leads and the way is forward.

Energy Levels

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Vision ObscuredLooking for a job is hard work. Like really hard – mentally keeping track of every lead; spiritually finding new reserves of faith as each day passes; physically resisting the urge to over-work and focus on staying rested – it’s just a lot…and frankly more than I expected.

There’s also something about not knowing where the path leads. Each step requires more focus; more awareness and before you know it, the fog threatens to envelope you completely.